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Obituary of Margaret Elizabeth Fisher

Betty Fisher was born Margaret Elizabeth Snell in Calgary, October 2, 1944. She went home to our Lord on February 24,2019. Betty was predeceased by her father and mother, Step father, brother Brian , infant daughter Colleen, son in law Paul and husband, Austin Fisher. She is survived by daughter Rosalee Rattai(Fred), daughter Suzanne Meadows(Ian), son Daniel Fisher(Brenda) and son Kendall Fisher.  She is also survived by brothers Don(Linda),Wayne(Anna), and Ian(Sharon) and sisters Pat(Sandy), and Bev as well as brother In  law Norman. She was also survived by grandchildren, Riley(Morgan), Kristina, Jennifer(Mike), Amie(Kyle), Robert(Stephanie), Allen(Jamie), Tiffany, Natasha(Dan), Kaitlin(Riley), and Jonathon. And great grandchildren Reed, Lola, Darla, Georgia, Logan, Mason, Corbin, Kyley, Kohl, Kinlee, and Addison, and special friend Kevin. I could add in those who were fostered by her as well as those who thought of her as a surrogate mother but I’m afraid time is too short to name them all. Being that she was the oldest of her siblings, she developed strong maternal instincts which were used all of her life. They lived in Calgary for her childhood and even then she had a faith in God. Mom would walk several miles every Sunday to attend church. When she was about 11, they moved out to a farm at Neapolis. She met the love of her life at a Lonepine dance when she was 16 or 17. Austin and her were married just 2 months after she turned 18. Incidentally, mom had a prearranged date for the day after her and Austin met. She told this fellow that she had met someone else and they parted on good terms. That fellow grew up to own totem hardware. Children came soon after with Rosalee coming 9 months after the wedding followed by Colleen who tragically died within hours of being born. Suzanne and Daniel came along in time. Kendall became the last child when he was adopted. With focus on horses, sports and music, much of the time was spent going to or from events the children had, or ferrying eggs to Calgary, or spending time with community functions. Anybody remember eating fisher burgers? With Austin on the road, mom had to be independent and talked about how she was able to start her station wagon with a fork. Mom became involved in foster parenting which continued until about 10 years ago. Best guess was there were 40 -50 foster kids went through the house, many which still kept in contact with mom.  Her love for people spilled over into special needs adults and Fisher Farm Residential came into being and that’s when Kevin came into the fold. She was a cofounder of Mountview special riding in about 1983 and that organization is still going today. Around 30 years ago, mom went in for a routine medical procedure and due to an unforeseen issue she was left with severe breathing problems and confined her part time to a wheelchair. When she got her power chair, she got a new lease on life. Anybody who has been shopping with her knows how big a day it is if she had a full charge in her chair. She was also known to be seen chasing horses in her chair. I  Think she considered it her own private 4x4. She retained her driver’s license for many years even though she didn’t drive, and as a result, many grandchildren cut their teeth driving grandma around in big bertha the blue van or later the green and white van, she must have been fearless. With a ride assured, mom did her best to attend as many of the grandchildren events as possible. The grandkids always had a cheering section with mom and Kevin sitting on the sidelines or audience. Family was always the top priority with mom which could be seen by the pictures of family covering every wall in her house. She loved to be in contact with her grand kids and enjoyed when they came to visit. Always trying to be considerate of others, she loved to text her grand kids(always with the caps on) so she could still contact them but not bother them. I think with her family priorities were as follows : kids are great, grandkids are better and great grandkids were the best. Being a Believer kept mom grounded in her faith and she regularly attended church, being a member here at Bergthal for many years. After losing Austin in 2010, mom had to find a way of coping with the loss of the love of her life. She joined the red hatters(you know that militant group of crazy ladies) and was able to do some road trips with 2 of her favorite cousins to red hatter conventions in Montana and western Canada. Her other passion was her yard, with the gigantic fish ponds and odd and unusual lawn decorations. Her yard was always decorated for Christmas and Halloween. As mentioned, she was a passionate shopper and spent many fun filled days going to malls, especially around Christmas because she loved to buy the perfect gifts for everyone. Mom also loved decorating and rearranging her house. If you stopped by for a visit, there was a good chance you would end up moving furniture. We knew she was gravely ill the last month when the chairs and couches stayed in the same place. Mom took a lot of pride in her great grand kids and tried to get to their events when able. She always loved visits from them and watched videos taken of them performing. Family reunions were a source of pleasure for mom and she raved about how well the one last summer went that she hosted. Mom had many close friends whom she would have tea and bible studies with. The quantity of friends was evident by the amount of visitors and prayers that were given when she started to fail. In the 25 years I knew her, she never had a bad word to say about anybody, even when they deserved it. She constantly looked for the bright side in every situation and tried to add humor where she could. She was the pun master. To wrap up, this eulogy was easy to write because of the vast amount of memories she created in everyone.

If you were to ask, how many people’s lives were changed when they met Mom? I would have to say all of them.  So it’s not goodbye, it’s Till we meet again.

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