Maggie Collins
Maggie Collins
Maggie Collins

Funeral Service

11:00 am
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Rock Pointe Church
12 Bowridge Dr NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Obituary of Maggie Faye Collins

Maggie Collins was born to Carol and Evelyn Collins on February 24, 1939.  The family lived in Calgary, Alberta at that time.  When Maggie was approximately 2 years of age, her father Carol, headed off to Europe to serve in the Second World War.  During this difficult time, Maggie spent a lot of time with extended family members and she always recounted those with fondness and gratitude.
Maggie enjoyed school and achieved good marks, the desire to learn followed her all her life.  Her early working life included roles with her father's trucking company and various other businesses, but she ended up settling into the legal profession.  She had a successful career as a legal assistant but in 1974 she began studying for her law degree.  She worked hard and finished her undergraduate and law degree in 6 years.
In 1967, she had her son Peter.  Maggie always said that was the best thing that happened to her.  Even though she must have struggled financially while attending school and worrying about Peter's welfare, she persevered to finish her schooling at the University of Alberta, where she had lived for 4 years without her family close by to support and help with her son.  Maggie certainly demonstrated her grit and determination during this period of her life, characteristics she would become known for.
Maggie loved to travel.  Her adventurous and independent mind-set led her to distant places like Fiji, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, and England.  She even went so far as to investigate moving permanently to Fiji to live and practice law.  Fortunately, she chose to stay close to family in Calgary.  She also loved camping in the Okanagan.  There are many stories and fond memories of these holidays with Peter, her cousin Lynn, and Lynn's girls.
For the majority of Maggie's career as a lawyer she had her own law practice.  In the early 2000's, she closed her practice and began part-time work within the criminal court system, representing those without a lawyer.  This position was one that she really enjoyed, and she was very appreciative of the opportunities that it afforded her.  It was during this time, at the young age of 67, that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and shortly thereafter, the illness brought her career to an end.
Her diagnosis was of course something that was difficult for everyone to accept.  Her intellect was something recognizable to everyone who knew her.  Losing this aspect of herself was painful and frustrating for both her and those who were closest to her.  In 2009, we regrettably had to admit her to the hospital, and this began her stay in long-term care which ended at the Carewest Colonel Belcher facility.  We are so thankful for the compassionate and patient staff who treated her so kindly and with affection. 
Maggie was predeceased by both her parents, Carol and Evelyn Collins.  She leaves to grieve, her son Peter and wife Michele, her two much loved grandchildren, Bree and Nolan.  Her siblings, Allan Collins and Tirzah Collins.  Nephews, George Collins, Justin Collins, Jonathan Mallyon, Nathan Lunn, and her one niece, Samantha Dolen.
Maggie, you will be remembered for your intelligence and your independent nature, your love of dancing and music and for the love you have for your family and your desire to see them succeed. 

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