Our Warmest Welcome 

We have had funerals since the beginning of time. How do funerals help us? 
What does ceremony do? 

  • funerals acknowledge that someone that we love has died

  • funerals bring together people who care about the one who died

  • funerals offer a time and place to share our memories by crying, laughing, and talking to others

  “A meaningful funeral ceremony is about saying hello on the pathway to goodbye.” 
Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt

At Sunset Funeral Service, it is an honor to assist every family that turns to us to care for their loved one. We cannot take away the pain of loss, but if we can help to make it more bearable, we have met our goal. We understand that times change and so has the way of funerals. Our commitment to caring for your family is unchanged. Whether you choose simple cremation with no service, a unique and personalized memorial or celebration, or a traditional service with burial, you decide what is right for you. We work with your family in order to provide a meaningful and appropriate tribute for your loved one. 

Please contact us. We are available by phone or e-mail, or drop by the office (please call ahead).  

Thank you for the honor and privilege to be part of your farewell ceremony. 

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