Delma Friesen

Mom was born on the family farm in 1918, delivered by a midwife. She attended Freestone School which was a one room school with one teacher. Mom rode to school on horseback or in the winter by sled. She regularly rode the seven miles to Mayton for the mail and piano lessons. 

After her mother passed away in 1941 she moved to Calgary and worked in a tailor shop. From her mother, Maria, she became a talented seamstress who could turn an old wool coat into a beautiful new coat complete with fur collar. While working in Calgary, she met our dad, Walter who was a serviceman in the RCAF. Our Mom and Dad married in 1944.

Mom had a lifelong love and appreciation for gardening. Flowers were a constant source of pleasure and enjoyment. Mom was an amazing baker and cook. We often had angel food cake from scratch, cinnamon buns and pies in our home. Always fresh bread and buns with homemade butter, of course. We thought this was the norm! 

At 99 years, 9 months, and 7 days she was the last of Gottleib Leischner’s children to pass away. She was predeceased by her husband, Walter. 

Mom is survived by her son Bob and his wife Donna and granddaughter Diana Friesen;  daughter Sheila and her husband Richard Basford, and her 2 sons; Matthew, his wife Jamie and great-grandaughter Allie Troppmann, and Kristopher, wife Lucia and great-grandson  David and great-grandaughter Alexandra Troppmann.  Mom took great delight in spending time with her grandchildren, and was very proud that they are well educated. 

My brother Bob and I were always taught that first we worked and then we could play. Her family was central in her life and she was devoted to us. Attending church all her life was very significant to her.  Mom will at last be reunited with family that have left this world. God Bless the example and inspiration she was for her family.